27 free eye-candy and hypnotic screensavers for mac and windows

You know that if you have an LCD you don’t need a screensaver and you can even reduce the lifetime of the display (according to wikipedia) but sometimes a nice and minimalist screensaver is difficult to refuse.

In any case below you have a collection of the best 27 free eye-candy screensaver you can use in your mac or pc.

ClockBlock (win, mac)


PolarClock (win, mac, iphone)


Arc (win, mac)


Fontpark 2.0 (win, mac)


The Hal Project (win, mac)


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Mega Roundup of Geektool scripts + inspiration gallery.




If you have a mac you have to try it.
Geektool is a (great) little app to show some informations directly on your desktop using UNIX code.

You don’t know Unix? No problem, after the jump you find the code you need to do what you want (how to display the external IP, Recent music Plays, the Weather, how to display comics and so on…) .

The only bad thing is that the last version of geektool is not officially available for Leopard (just for Panther or Tiger).
If you have Leopard, i know that for someone it works and for someone it doesnt. So, if you want, try at your own risk.

In case you can have a look at this nice tutorial for beginners.

Full list after the jump…

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