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This blog has only one purpose: to provide inspiration, share knowledge and passion for everything that can be defined as design or art (from the simplest to the most complex), introducing and publicizing, to as many people as possible, the talent of artists from around the world.
The images on this site were received from this contact form (most of them are distributed under license “creative commons”) others are found on the internet directly from the site of the artist/company or they are in public domain and are displayed under the fair use principle.
Please do not use any photos on this blog for commercial reasons or remove the copyright and artist name.
I will never alter, remove the copyright, watermark, artist name or make any changes to any photo i post.
For each picture (if possible) the author is properly cited/credited and the respective link to their website/e-commerce/blog is added.
If for any reason you feel it is necessary to remove one of your images (or simply do not like the exposure or do not agree with the mission of this blog), please contact me immediately and I will remove the contested picture within a few hours.
I run this blog for passion, I certainly do not want to cause any damage.
Many of the artists and photographers featured on these pages have been successful after the publication of some of my posts and they often write to thank me in private.
This is the best reward anyone can have and it’s what pushes me to go on with this work.
Contact me for any questions or just to exchange some opinions or points of view!

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