10 suggestions to reuse your old bike wheels

A collection of unique DIY ideas you will love!

Bicycle Wheel Lazy Susan

Photo via apartmenttherapy.com

Bike Wheel Clock

Photo via inhabitat.com
Clock by stuffmadefromstuff

The Cat Wheel

Product by HolinDesign

Hand made lighting wheel

Product by Mohamed Nabil Labib

Stained glass bicycle wheel Fire themed – recycled bicycle art

Product by VeloGioielli

The Bicycle Wheel Foyer Table

Photo via reinventedkb.com

Photo via silenblogger.wordpress.com

Recycled Bike forniture by Andy Gregg

Photo via designwithapurpose.com

Breeze by HawaSoo

Photo via dezeen.com

Recycled Bicycle Wheel Laced Wall Art

Product by hardlyrobot

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