Viral story: stunning stratosphere shot recovered from a lost weather balloon GoPro!


In June 2013, a group of friends launched a weather balloon from Tuba City, Arizona.
This picture you see come from this footage.
It’s a wonderful image but the story behind this shoot is even better.

On Reddit, one of these guys says:

“Myself and four friends sent a weather balloon with a GoPro, camcorder, and phone back in June 2013.

…We used GPS on a smartphone to continuously log the phone’s location on its memory card.
The standard GPS receiver these days can track your phone well above 100,000 ft

Due to some unexpected cell signal outages we never heard back from it that day. We were all moping around, making bets on when (if ever) it would be found for a while when just a couple months ago, a woman (who works at AT&T) contacts us about finding a weird box with our name on it! We were all freaking out for a few days after we got a hold of all the video footage and data.

TWO years later!

If you are curious, the group used a GoPro Hero3, a Sony Camcorder and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

This is the balloon flight video of the launch preparation:

Via Reddit, Thanks to trexarmsss for this amazing story!

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