Zoey and Jasper: the adorable adventures of a 10-month-old baby and his rescue dog

An adorable project by Grace Chon, a California photographer specializing in animals.
Zoey is a 7 year old rescue mutt from Taiwan and Jasper is a 10 month old Chinese-Korean mutt from Los Angeles.
I love these photos! Tooooo cute ;)









For more of Grace’s work, check out her website, Instagram and Tumblr

Desk safari project: turn your coworkers into wild animals

Desk Safari is a really cool (and funny) photo project by Mike Whiteside, from Mike & Ben.
To participate you just need a colleague and a monitor.
Then try to adjust your screen so that the your friend is directly behind it, and his/her head aligns with the animal body.
And you are done!
So, today, if you are at work and are bored… :)

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The sweetest photos of Harlow and Indiana, the instagram’s most popular dog duo

These pups are super cute. And famous. So famous. Love all these photos :)

Smile for the camera: 20+ ridiculously photogenic animals

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Professional pet photography: 40 wonderful and cute pictures of photogenic cats

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ? Charles Dickens

15 beautiful and majestic photos of elephants

Wonderful images from all over the world

Too cute not to share: “Norm the pug” is the new (lovely) Instagram star

One man and his dog, Norm, the photogenic pug who loves the camera.

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