Sculptures & Installations: 20 of the most amazing and incredible masterpieces in the world

By Chiharu Shiota


Sculpture by David Mach
Stunning sculptures and collage made up of thousands of coathangers, matchsticks, magazines and cards. [Via]


The Sequence by Arne Quinze.
Quinze says, “The Sequence bridges the communication gap between people, and generates movement in the city. I want to reconnect people and let them interact with each other like they did in the past on squares. At least people talked to each other back then.” [Via]


1550 Chairs by Doris Salcedo


By Jeff Koons


Sculpture by Wang Zhiyuan
…”The Chinese artist was inspired by the garbage and pol.lution that litters the streets of Beijing. As a reaction to the incredible piles of food and plastic trash he sees on the city streets and sidewalks, Zhiyuan decided to create an art installation that would bring this issue to the forefront”.


Sculpture by Ron Mueck


Wire by David Oliveira


Tom Deininger creates large-scale collages from found objects scavenged from trash and donated by friends.


Cloud made from 6,000 light bulbs by Caitlind Brown.
…”Conceived by calgary-based artist Caitlind Brown, her project ‘cloud’, a life-sized interactive light installation engages the public to participate by standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud”. [Via]


by Monica Grzymala


by Alicia Martín


Ephemeral Portraits Cut from Layers of Wire Mesh by Seung Mo Park
…”Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates giant ephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector, then using a subtractive technique Park slowly snips away areas of mesh”.[Via]


Ice ship sculpture created by set designer and art director Rhea Thierstein


By Shintaro OHATA
Mixing a classic technic of panoramas with modern japanese art Shintaro Ohata combines canvas with sculptures to create his artworks.


Karma Statue by Do Ho Suh
Installed at the New Orleans Museum of Art the perfectly symmetric 23 foot sculpture towers endlessly into the sky. It consists of 98 cast stainless steel figures. Each figure is crouched down while blinding and standing on the shoulders of the man before him. [Via]


Paper Sculpture by Kris Trappeniers


Korean artist Yong Ho Ji recycles old tires and turns them into incredible works of art. From animals to humans and even animal/human hybrids these tire sculptures are truly amazing. [Via]


Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires


Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita


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