The 25 most touching and creative Robin Williams tributes I’ve seen so far

Robin, you will be missed.
Thank you for filling our childhoods with laughter.
These tributes are for you.

Cuteness Overload: 20 charming and heartwarming photos of animals in love

Get inspired by this collection of amazing photos of animals in love!

Passing time on the train: October Jones turns other people into cartoon characters

Now, this is a (really) creative way to spend time on a train. Amazing illustrations!

30 wonderful life quotes that will inspire you to achieve your goals for 2014

30 amazing (and well-presented) inspirational quotes for a great 2014!

Photo Inspiration: 20+ of the best double exposure portraits i’ve ever seen

Double Exposure is a really cool (photographic) technique that combines 2 different images into a single image.
Amazing photos by amazing photographers.

History in Color: 25 wonderful black and white photos colorized and brought back to life

Thanks to a fantastic reddit group of artists (heroes!) called “r/ColorizedHistory” we can enjoy everyday many wonderful iconic (black and white) photos restored in color!
These are my favorite ones so far :-)


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