The World’s Best Tattoo Artists – Part1

[2015] The first part of a series of posts about the world’s best tattoo artists!
I hope you enjoy these amazing pieces of art as much as I did!

These are the 25 most artistic and original heart tattoos i’ve ever seen

Body art attack! A great collection of amazing tattoo designs and artists from all over the world! :)

25 awesome lion tattoo designs for men and women

Unique ink ideas for men and women!

Watercolor style tattoos are gorgeous: these are the 30 most unique and innovative designs i’ve ever seen

If you need some color on your body…check out these amazing tattoos that look like paintings (and some of the best artists of the world)!

Beautiful Henna Designs: 20 stunning Mehndi Tattoos

Wonderful and traditional mehndi temporary tattoos for your inspiration

Tattoos on foot: 20 creative ideas and designs

Foot tattoos sometimes look very cute but require a lot of care! These 20 tattoos are amaziiiiing!

22 funny (and stylish) temporary tattoos for adults

Temporary tattoos can look just like permanent tattoos….and sometimes are pretty cool too ;)

40 of the most hyper-realistic tattoos i’ve ever seen

Yes, the hyper-realism of these tattoos makes you have to look twice or three times! 40 amazing artworks for your inspiration


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