Amazing photos of exploding lightbulbs filled with colorful materials by Jon Smith

The 28 year old chemist and photographer Jon Smith takes great high speed photographs (using a low-budget camera) of exploding light bulbs filled with colorful materials…and the final effect is really great!
Here you have some examples












The amazing pencil drawings by Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a fantastic tattoo and pencil artist living in Norway. Love his stlye!

An incredible metal lion sculpture created from 4,000 pieces by Selcuk Yilmaz

That’s glorious, wish I could see it in person! Amazing piece of art

Pencil and Ink: the amazing photorealistic drawings by Karla Mialynne

She uses colored pencils, acrylic paints and markers. And this is the incredible result.

Wonderful smeared skies made from hundreds of stacked photos by Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy creates these fantastic time-lapse images stacking multiple photos onto one. Beautiful landscapes!

Mind-Blowing pencil portraits by the incredibly talented tattoo artist Andrew Wilson

Seriously, this guy does some awesome work….the color is so rich for pencil and the level of detail is incredible. Brilliant.

The stunning hyperrealistic pastel portraits by Rubén Belloso

Rubén Belloso is a pastel artist from Spain and his works are amazing and very challenging….

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