18 simple (but amazing) life hacks you can use around the house

How to hang a sweater on a hanger and not stretch it out


How to cut a bottle without using a glass cutter

“Wrap a (medium thickness) piece of cotton string around the wine bottle three times (wrap it around up to 6 times for a thicker bottle), tie it”


How to Clean a Microwave in a SNAP!


Add a Second Shower Rod for Extra Bathroom Storage


Tension rod for spray bottles


How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink


Recycled DIY bike rack


DIY toothbrush holder


Pack Shoes in Hotel Shower Caps to Keep Your Luggage Contents Clean

“…recommends using a free shower cap from your hotel to pack your shoes in and prevent getting the other stuff inside your suitcase dirty…”


How To: Turn Wire Sculptures into Modern, Geometric Succulent Planters


Plastic Hangers Make Great Cord Storage

“…Find yourself a plastic pants hanger and cut the hook off. Wrap one end around one of the clips a few times (in case you’ll need just a few inches of slack) then wrap it up along the hanger. When you get to the end, wrap it once around the hook to anchor your progress and go back the way you came. Repeat until clutter free. Success!…”


Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw

“…lace a wide band rubber band [in between] the screw driver (we recommend bumping one size up from the screw head which caused the strip) and the screw, then apply hard, but slow force as you turn. If you’re fortunate, the rubber band will fill in the gaps caused by the strip and allow extraction…”


Freeze grapes to chill white wine without watering it down


High heel shoe rack made out of molding


How to Clean a Shower Head


Glue a magnet to the bottom of the hammer so you don’t have to hold nails in your mouth while hanging pictures.


No fail boiled eggs-perfect every time


Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee


10 suggestions to reuse your old bike wheels

A collection of unique DIY ideas you will love!

20 brilliant ideas to recycle cardboard into something creative and useful

Inspiring projects to make out of cardboard….all you need is a little imagination!

20 insanely creative ways to repurpose your old denim jeans

Amazing items made of old denim jeans! Bags, toys, containers, bracelets and even a whale… ;)

18 simple DIY paper craft ideas you will love

Great and funny DIY Paper craft ideas and tutorials.

35 striking recycled lamps that are borderline genius

DIY inspiration: handmade lighting for your home!

DIY home ideas: 25 creative ways to recycle wooden crates and pallets

Home Decor Inspiration! Clever and creative DIY ideas to decorate your home

Budget bedroom makeover ideas: 25+ wonderful DIY headboard projects

I love so many of these ideas. Make your own headboard!

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Sugar Ray Arcilla

wow, awesome ideas and commonsense.

Marian Camisón Ojalvo

Realmente son trucos sencillos y eficaces. Gracias.

Marian Camisón Ojalvo

Realmente son trucos sencillos y eficaces. Gracias.


wow thanks so much

Send Flowers to China

I love the idea of the towel and bottle towel. In my apartment you can always find bottles everywhere, what a mess!! Thanks for the sharing.