The smart “taste my smart” Christmas calendar

Christmas is near and as in past years, in addition to felling a surge of good will and peace ; ), I am starting to physically prepare for the typical end-of-year overeating indulgences.
This year, while researching the Christmas advertising campaigns, I came across a rather tasty idea from smart, which created a Facebook application with 24 different recipes from around the world, one for each day of December, just like a virtual advent calendar (obviously each recipe shows some element of the typical smart lines.


The whole idea was enriched by the knowledgeable signature of food photographer René Riis, who lent his magic touch to the flavorful and fun dishes by Jürgen Zimmerstädt.
A cute idea and a non-invasive form of advertising, simple but at the same time created to be perfectly in tune with the current month.
Kudos smart!





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