22 of the most unique playing cards ever created

Space Invaders 8-Bit Playing Cards

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Black Playing Cards by Alexander Wang

Bohemia Playing Cards by Uusi

3D Playing Cards by Rocca

Skull & Bone Playing Cards

Playing Cards Memo Pad by Studio Ding Dong

Gold Playing Cards

The Game Of Thrones Playing cards

Bicycle Pink Ribbon Playing Cards

Transparent Playing Cards


Hip Hop Playing Cards by Mynority Classics x Sayori Wada

Steampunk Playing Cards

Bicycle Ghost Playing Cards

Gentleman’s Deck Playing Cards

Metrodeck Playing Cards

Pixar Playing Cards

Artisan Playing Cards (Handcrafted in South Africa)

Barebones Playing Cards by Matt Castiglioni

Ultraviolet Playing Cards

Icon Playing Cards


    I love unusual playing cards. Thanks for this great list!

    I especially like decks that are enhanced in some way (beyond just different artwork/designs). For example, one of my favourite decks is the 5-suited Stardeck (which unfortunately is currently out-of-print). It features a fifth suit, Stars, which is both red and black, and it opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for variations of traditional card games.

    I have also recently started creating my own playing card decks. My first one is a multi-coloured Kalos deck, that has the four standard suits with four overlapping colours, so that runs can be created either by suit (different colours) or by colour (different suits).

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