Christmas gifts 2012: top 25 tech gadgets under $100

Pocket Virtual Keyboard ($99.99)

iShower Bluetooth Speaker

HD Video Spy Pen ($79.99)

Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor ($90)

Bluetooth Gloves (€62.39)

Band Car Charger by TYLT ($40)

Wi-Fi BacPac & Remote by GoPro

USB Toaster Hub and Drives (€22.49)

AViiQ — Portable Charging Station ($60)

Bear Grylls Survival Kits (£24.95)

Hurricane 02 Canless Air System ($79.95)

Turtle shell: rugged wireless boombox ($99)

Eton Boost Turbine 2000 ($59)

Ilp idevice turntable ($100)

Level 10 m gaming mouse ($99)

Skywriter UFO ($35)

iFlow Universal Portable Dolly ($100)

MondoHub 28 Port USB 2.0/3.0 Hub ($89.99)

Flexpad Aluminum Mouse Pad (€39,90)

Boxee TV ($100)

IONTICS ID-K100 Plus Illuminated Mini Keyboard ($70)

Miniature Portal Gun Replica ($59.99)

Helix Bendable Bluetooth Speakers ($50)

ES 01 Extension Socket by Punkt ($98)

MP3 Player & Speaker Shroom LED Lamp (€28.89)

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