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Desk safari project: turn your coworkers into wild animals

Desk Safari is a really cool (and funny) photo project by Mike Whiteside, from Mike & Ben.
To participate you just need a colleague and a monitor.
Then try to adjust your screen so that the your friend is directly behind it, and his/her head aligns with the animal body.
And you are done!
So, today, if you are at work and are bored… :)

Passing time on the train: October Jones turns other people into cartoon characters

Now, this is a (really) creative way to spend time on a train. Amazing illustrations!

18 fabulous and funky gifts for guitar players

Unusual (but useful and funny) gift ideas for guitar lovers :)

40+ of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i’ve ever seen

Greatest of the greatest! Funny to see how these cosplays look (much)? more real than the original ones :)