22 of the coolest chair designs ever made

Alvi silkchair

LED Club Chair by Lee Broom

iRock Power Generating Rocking Chair

Urban Balance Hanging Curve Chair

Wine Barrel Chairs

Rocking Chair by Brendan Gallagher

The Ghost of a Chair

Stormtrooper Head Chair by GotWood Workshop

Hush Soft Chair

Melting Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Villain Chair

Reclaimed Wood Club Chair by District Millworks

OSIM uDivine App Massage Chair

Three-Legged Chair by Stijn Guilielmus Ruys

Curt Deck Chair by Bernhard

Rocking 2-gether Chair by Paul Kweton

Manu Hanging Chair by Maffam Freeform

Vilac Chair by Keith Haring

Hug Chair by Gabriella Asztalos

Pixel Chair by Vivian Chiu

Fade Out Chair by Nendo

MT3 Rocking Chair by Driade

The Suitcase Chair

Space Invader Chair