18 really funny and unique cufflinks

Watch Cufflinks

LEGO Harry Potter Cufflinks

Bicycle Cufflinks

Stainless Knife Cufflinks

Star Wars Cufflinks

Mustache Cufflinks

Cartier Watch Cufflinks

Ammo Cufflinks by Bernardo & Co.

Vinyl Record Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks

Steampunk USB cufflinks

QR code sterling silver cufflinks

Skull Cameo Cufflinks by Paul Smith

Mini Lamp Cufflink

Batman Mask Cufflinks

Tokens and icons nib cufflinks

Iron Man Cufflinks

R2D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

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James Hayward
Those 18 cufflinks are really unique. Such an excellent collection. Cufflinks have been the best known accessories in men’s jewelry range since a long time. This elegant piece of jewelry states in a single sentence that exceptional styling is in the detailing. Unlike everything else in men’s fashion, men’s cufflinks… Read more »
All of the above sets of cufflinks are truly unique in their design and are great for the man who loves to make a statement with his fashion choices – if only my husband was more fashion forward! Cufflinks also make for a great business gift, generally in a more… Read more »

The watch and USB cufflinks are really interesting, I love cufflinks and have a selection of them on my own blog http://benstorbtheoriginalblog.blogspot.be.

Robert Marshall
As I run an online cufflink shop myself, I sometimes enjoy perusing all the newer styles. It seems the USB and Steam Punk look are becoming very popular and, will surely end up in the cuff link history books. The options of colors and styles seem to be somewhat limitless… Read more »