15 awesome, unique and geeky backpack designs

Backpack Shaped Like A Giant Nintendo Controller

Backpack by Solid Gray

Yoda backpack

Torch Flux Backpack

The money stacks backpack

Backpack Bed

Folding Bike Bag by Bergmonch

Dumpling Inspired Backpack

Reptilian mad pax backpack

Turtle backpack

Meiosis backpack by davidi gilad

Ori Levin: adhoc folding canoe


Emotional Backpack For Cyclists

Sleeping mate polo hand luggage by Anna Perugini

Desk safari project: turn your coworkers into wild animals

Desk Safari is a really cool (and funny) photo project by Mike Whiteside, from Mike & Ben.
To participate you just need a colleague and a monitor.
Then try to adjust your screen so that the your friend is directly behind it, and his/her head aligns with the animal body.
And you are done!
So, today, if you are at work and are bored… :)

Passing time on the train: October Jones turns other people into cartoon characters

Now, this is a (really) creative way to spend time on a train. Amazing illustrations!

18 fabulous and funky gifts for guitar players

Unusual (but useful and funny) gift ideas for guitar lovers :)

40+ of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i’ve ever seen

Greatest of the greatest! Funny to see how these cosplays look (much)? more real than the original ones :)