14 creative and funny examples of luggages and suitcases

Vintage Suitcase Boombox by BoomCase

Nintendo Controller Suitcase

Custom Suitcase Lining by Spoonflower

Two Roads to Courage Suitcase

BoomCase in Butterscotch Deluxe

Picnic Suitcase

Camera Suitcase Series Beanbag

Hop Is a Suitcase That Follows You Around Hands-Free

LapPi Tiny Raspberry Pi Transformed Into Suitcase Sized Laptop

SuitSuit Washing Machine Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

Pantone Universe Suitcases

Oru kayak folds up like origami

Wardrobe in a Suitcase by Kim Thome

Desk safari project: turn your coworkers into wild animals

Desk Safari is a really cool (and funny) photo project by Mike Whiteside, from Mike & Ben.
To participate you just need a colleague and a monitor.
Then try to adjust your screen so that the your friend is directly behind it, and his/her head aligns with the animal body.
And you are done!
So, today, if you are at work and are bored… :)

Passing time on the train: October Jones turns other people into cartoon characters

Now, this is a (really) creative way to spend time on a train. Amazing illustrations!

Boost your productivity: 14 amazingly useful Photoshop plugins for web developers

If you love Photoshop as much as I do and you’re a web designer…you’ll love this post :)

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