Mercedes vs Bmw vs Audi: Which ads are more creative?

Looks Fast. Even in Park.

“To complete the motion-blur illusion, real 3D models of a motion blurred fire hydrant, parking sign, and mailbox were created to be part of the street scene”.

Mercedes Night View Assist Spots Danger

Mercedes Benz Guerrilla Marketing Hood Ornament

Mercedes Benz Flying Car Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Mercedes vs. Audi

Mercedes-Benz: Multicontour Seat

Mercedes-Benz: Blind Spot Assistant

Mercedes-Benz Viano & Vito: Business

Mercedes-Benz: “Gullwing” Teaser Poster

“its gullwing doors make it an icon. So we created a simple announcement poster and placed it into glass-covered billboards, leaving the glass doors open, gullwing style”

Direct Mail Ad by Mercede Benz

Smart campaign

Smart campaign #2

Smart: Corner billboard

Smart BRABUS: Bridge jump

Smart: The invisible Poster

Smart: Fits everywhere

Audi vs Bmw billboard war

BMW’s Ultimate Attraction

BMW Advertisement for pre-owned cars.

BMW Advertisement “From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport”

Brings Out The Boy In You

Centrifugal force

BMW street advertising

BMW MINI Cooper: Tongue

MINI Cooper Box Packaging

Cops Hide Here

MINI: Metro Station

MINI Cooper in a Box

Audi chairs

Audi Q7

“Design to Thrill” campaign

Audi Pre-owned : Magnifying Glass

Audi Guerrilla Marketing Garage

Audi Quattro: Hands

Audi A1: A big idea condensed

Audi R8: History

Audi Quattro

Audi Canada Genuine Accessories

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