New Facebook timeline for pages: the best 45 examples

As maybe you know, Facebook just rolled out a new version of the fan pages that look much closer to normal profiles thanks to the addition of Timeline.
A lot of people dislike it, and so far i didn’t read great comments about it.
What i’ve seen from this research is that just few brands/artists already switched from the “old” layout to the new timeline.
Here you find the best examples.

Love the Toyota cover. It’s not directly related to a specific car and it’s pretty funny

I really like the Dior cover too…pretty elegant.

The Burberry’s cover is vintage and beautiful

The Obama staff used the cover to show some infos about the job creation from 2007 to present

Mtv uses the cover to present some big shows

The cover pages of Queen and Metallica are pretty similar

Instead Madonna uses the last album’s cover


Imho The Chelsea football club has a cover much more elegant than the competitors

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