New Facebook timeline for pages: the best 45 examples

As maybe you know, Facebook just rolled out a new version of the fan pages that look much closer to normal profiles thanks to the addition of Timeline.
A lot of people dislike it, and so far i didn’t read great comments about it.
What i’ve seen from this research is that just few brands/artists already switched from the “old” layout to the new timeline.
Here you find the best examples.

Love the Toyota cover. It’s not directly related to a specific car and it’s pretty funny

I really like the Dior cover too…pretty elegant.

The Burberry’s cover is vintage and beautiful

The Obama staff used the cover to show some infos about the job creation from 2007 to present

Mtv uses the cover to present some big shows

The cover pages of Queen and Metallica are pretty similar

Instead Madonna uses the last album’s cover


Imho The Chelsea football club has a cover much more elegant than the competitors


    How are these good exampes? I would go so far to say that almost all those pages are horrible, where is the creativity? Open brandbook>pick photo>upload photo, that’s what I’m seeing.

    David, I made a huge research and just few big brands switched to the timeline…and if you read the post i wrote this. They are brands or artists not “normal guys” so, i expected classic images. These are the best examples, trust me.
    It’s full of horrible things out there….

    Highly doubtful the actual personalities put these together, and more than that, doubtful that they would, or even could.

    If you think Madonna or Britney or Dior sat at a computer and shoved their Photoshop creations into Facebook and said, “That’s me,” think again. They paid someone money to create this crap.

    I don’t care what the others are saying, I love your examples. I rather a good photo over those “creative” ones any day, people try to make it as unique or odd as possible for attention, I much rather see these great pictures. The Jay-Z one is very inspiring, I like the vintage Burberry one too. And as a Celtic and Coca Cola fan, I’m biased towards those too.

    Those are some pretty nice examples. However the Madonna and Family Guy pages just use the same twice. Why do that? There are two spaces!

    Well, for me only Mustang use his space in creative way, some of this examples are sort of good looking, but cant use cooperation of those two photo spaces. Thats my humble opinion

    You guys DO realize you’re complaining about a WEBSITE, right? If a change on Facebook has really got you upset, you may have to rethink your LIFE priorities. As if something as timeline REALLY affects your life.

    Absolutely. I really see Facebook as frivolous crap, but I know how many people don’t see it that way, so I use it as free advertisement and a second website for my business. “Build it and they will come.”

    Thanks for your post – folks who think they are all the same or that they aren’t good examples, clearly have either missed the point or not really looked at what is going on, and miss an opportunity to learn a thing or two. these are commercial pages. Landscape is the format -my observations – in my opinion the profile photo space works best when there is a Brand logo there – cover photo color theme works best when coordinated with the profile space. – i have seen many timelines that use the gimmick of combining the 2 photo paces and these are fun and creative but generally do not work as well as to Brand the Product. using both spaces to show 2 different photos of the same thing/person doesn’t seem to work as well in my opinion see Chelsea, Madonna and Glee – Lexus Kodak gets it right as well as several others. Armani not so much they went for combining the image spaces and visually its just blah and weakens the brand logo. profile photo space also works better when a logo image with some dimension is used some thing that looks like it was made for the space (based on the shadows curves gradients) – rather than a flat tired logo that looks borrowed from something else and plugged in. kodak -vs- Ikea .

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