30 unique and crazy christmas gift Ideas 2011

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener – $14

Funny Sockets – from 50€

The Tiny CSI sticky tape – £4.99

Lens Mug – 18,45€

In Case of Revolution Break Glass Box – $129.99

Fully booked – €643.58

Clap Mini USB Camera Series – $64.00

Money Bag – $60

Toy boarders – $4.99 Pk

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath – $14.99

Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons with Cherry Brains – $9.99

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pouch – $14

Pop Culture Chuck Taylor Allstars – $85

Custom Ukulele – From $500

Lampe liquide – €390

Blood Shower Gel – 7,90€

PSSHH Bottle Opener – 12.90 €

Design your shoes

EARonic Finley iPhone4 cases – $20

Air Heads – £7.95

iStick Phone Stand – $12

Bombs Away Shot Glasses – $14.71

Real card table – 159€

Box Cutter – $19.99

GRID-IT!™ Wrap – $49.99

eg coffin surfboard – $850

Buckle Up – Key Holder – $24.00

Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit – $12.00

Camera Table Dolly – $90

UP by Jawbone – $99.99

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