20 awesome and creative portrait ideas

Huge self portrait mosaic made of thousands of plastic bottle caps

Portraits in Ink and Tea

Portraits made with old cassettes…

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.

Embroidered portraits

Geometric portraits

Pen portrait

The Self-Landscapes of Levi van Veluw

Written Portraits

Double Exposure Portraits

Muhammad Ali portrait created using 1,300 punching bags

Gradient mesh portraits

Paper portraits

Harley-Davidson ad

Adobe Mosaic Collection

Incredible pencil portraits

Family tree, an experiment of visual DNA

Astonishing Portrait of Steve Jobs Made From MacBook Parts

Pencil vs Camera portrait

Portrait Made of 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes

And…finally the banana portrait! lol ahah

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Divorce Lawyer Miami

That banana, Steve Jobs and Rubiks Cube art are simply amazing. Really get the emotions of each person.

Michael Lange Ocala

the punching bag portrait is truly amazing.


I think they are all wonderful… brilliantly imaginative.


Each piece is special in it’s own way but the diversity of the whole is a delight.

Beedie Savage

These are absolutely amazing! Thank you.

Chris McCoy

Banana one creeped me out

Jill Miles

What an inspirational collection!


Its always relaxing when you see something that is not only informative but entertaining. I really liked your blog post showing these great pictures like I enjoyed an older post of yours about superbahis! So, bottom line it’s a great inspirational collection that my friends on Facebook will definitely enjoy!


The banana portrait looks cool, and tastes great too!

Mohamed Abdelaal

very creative works and fantastic Ideas.

Mohamed Abdelaal

very creative works and fantastic Ideas.


Brilliant stuff! Wow factor deluxe!