Four thoughts on the death of Steve Jobs

1) Millions of people are talking about his death. The U.S. president is talking about him, his “rivals” are talking about him, everyone is talking about him.
Indeed, in just 56 years, he had reached a true state of semi-divinity. He was a symbol of innovation, of humanity, of change.
I was looking at Twitter; yesterday the iPhone 4S had not even become a trend topic, yet now there are 5 items on 10 relating to Steve, a clear sign that Apple was Steve and Steve was Apple.
Few people reach this level, he is one of the few who really managed to change the world.

2) The flip side of what I’ve just said is that Apple will heavily suffer this loss.
We’re talking about a global company with tremendous revenue, successful products (which will not die) and the highest-level employees.
But today, Apple has lost more than a leader. It has lost its creativity, its passion, its heart.
The big risk is that after a guaranteed surge of sales (just think about how many fans will buy an iPod with a today’s date screen-printed, as a souvenir…), Apple will start to produce objects and software without a soul.
In short, one of the many mega-firms that dominate the IT market but no longer provide any emotion (you know who I’m talking about, I don’t have to name names…).
Sorry fan boys, I love Apple too, but the risk exists and it is real…

3) There is no cure for pancreatic cancer. No matter how many millions (or billions) you have. No matter who you are. No matter if you’re the first on the list for transplants.
Unfortunately, cancer is the greatest disease of our times and the death of Steve is a further sign (if ever it was needed) that humanity needs to invest in research.
Invest, invest, invest.
Instead we spend millions for winner-less wars. And what’s the result?
Here we are, lamenting over people killed by war and people killed by disease.
We pay to harm ourselves and cry.

4) Steve was adopted, he did not graduate, he had no money. He changed the world.
What excuse do we have not to change ourselves and our life?
Personal transformation is the most powerful weapon for changing humanity and the planet.
That’s the biggest lesson that Steve has left us.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

CREDITS: Featured image by Jonathan Mak


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Normando Marcolongo

Mi sono permesso di citarti su Facebook. Se desideri che rimuova il post non hai che da chiedere. Grazie.


Figurati Normando, hai fatto benissimo! 


Great Thoughts.


Thx Logu!


Your last two points… everyone should really focus on what you wrote in those two points, thinking about this loss.

As Steve would say… if we live each day as it was our last, someday we’ll most certainly be right.

So c’mon, invest!
In research.
And in ourselves.


Yes, i agree, the last two points are the most important…

Luca Lombardi

Grande Articolo! Non solo le facilonerie, ma anche pensieri più “larghi”…


Grazie Luca!


Thanks …


Thank you Ave

Dan Webb

Good stuff