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    This offices all got ONE BIG problem: They are open-plan offices – no matter how “stylish” they might look. This (at least in science) well-known method of gathering people at one place, for better control and overview, not only distracts the mind, but by doing so, only a few minds thrieve, the rest – approx. 75% – waste their time because of not being able to concentrate well on their work.

    Now go out and find some offices that actually battle THAT problem – then you will get my praise :P

    cu, w0lf.

    It doesn’t seems that workers on those enterprises are wasting their time, those are pretty successfull bussiness. Maybe you´re view point it’s wrong. Judge by results, not by opinion.

    Maximum Efficiency is not anymore the god of all businesses. Though less productive in the short-term, many believe a balanced environment and internal policy results in happier workers, increased loyalty and, overall, better long-term productivity.

    the big problem with the big barn thing is that half the screens face the window, and the other half reflect the light from the window. The best positioning for computer screens is perpendicular to the windows.

    On top of that, I hate open plan offices, as i get distracted very easil- SQUIRREL! *runs off*

    The lime green shown in the ‘lego’ office is my favorite, followed closely by ‘the long barn’, from where I am there is no beautiful view as seen from their windows – but hey perhaps couple LCD screens could make this happen?

    I love this!! the conception of the espace is amazing!! congratsss!! regards from
    Cancún. México!!

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