20 amazing things you can do with CSS3

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yeah, all this looks cools. But you should have titled this “20 amazing things you can do with CSS3 – ONLY IF YOU USE SAFARI” I looked up some of those CSS, and I keep seeing “-webkit- ” and “-moz-” prefixes. And this reminds me the times when people used… Read more »
a finn

Well, try say that to Microsoft. I really dislike IE. its not a browser..just not standard application. How you can make web code if MS not respect standards..


mmm .. it lokks I made a bunch of typing errors. I meant CSS”3″ and not just “CSS” is not yet a standard, of course ;)
sorry for that!

Shevaa | WebDesignersBlog

Wow Cool.. all looking nice… thx for sharing… especially Raindrop

Image… Cool….

John Hamelink

Some of the stuff in here is simply amazing! I never thought it was possible to create icons using just CSS!

Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan
What this really demonstrates is the utter failure of the programme to separate content from presentation by having HTML mark-up content as such, and CSS describe presentation as such. In order to get the sort of presentation that I want, my HTML is now filled with DIVs and SPANs whose… Read more »
koltuk yikama

guzel paylas?m tesekurler.

Ehring Webmedia

this is a very nice demonstration. i like it!

koltuk yikama

guzel paylas?m tesekurler

Xaby Web Design

!!! Awesome stuff ! Didn’t know CSS could do SO much :O Thanks for sharing :)

Banner Printing

Those things are perfect addition to your banner design.


really nice compilation!
You may want to checkout the 3d bar graph I did recently: http://sergeylukin.com/css-3d-bar-graph/