20 amazing things you can do with CSS3

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    yeah, all this looks cools.
    But you should have titled this “20 amazing things you can do with CSS3 – ONLY IF YOU USE SAFARI”

    I looked up some of those CSS, and I keep seeing “-webkit- ” and “-moz-” prefixes. And this reminds me the times when people used hacks like these to color the scroll bars in internet explorer 5.

    CSS, even if it’s partially supported is NOT yet a standard. Same for HTML5. Same for hardware-accelerated css transforms.

    All this, even if its seem to work for someone and, isn’t yet a standard. So i suggest we keep this in mind before using all these hacks. CSS3, canvas tag and so on.. it’s still a glance in the near future, but for now a browser-specific web is not the web I want to see.

    Well, try say that to Microsoft. I really dislike IE. its not a browser..just not standard application. How you can make web code if MS not respect standards..

    mmm .. it lokks I made a bunch of typing errors. I meant CSS”3″ and not just “CSS” is not yet a standard, of course ;)
    sorry for that!

    What this really demonstrates is the utter failure of the programme to separate content from presentation by having HTML mark-up content as such, and CSS describe presentation as such.

    In order to get the sort of presentation that I want, my HTML is now filled with DIVs and SPANs whose sole purpose is to support presentation.

    And now we have folk creating fairly rich content from CSS.

    We not moving forward; we are lost.

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