40 Customized Sneakers That Will Make People Staring At Your Feet

Bobsmade Sneakers

Theory VS Senyol

Johan Nordstrom Sneakers

Custom Felzmade Sneakers

Flora & Fauna Chucks

Iwobella Sneakers


Custom Kicks

Custom Sneakers

Custom Kicks 3

Customized Sneakers

Berubetto Sneakers

Customised Sneakers 09

Nike AF-81 Sneakers

Jillie Jo Sneakers

Dragon Ball

Timrobot X Converse


Monster Decay

Customised Sneakers 02

Wolve Sneakers

Poopie Shoe

Tan-ki Sneakers Custom 1

Political Sneakers

Painted Nike Sneakers

Customize Onitsuka Tiger

Customize Onitsuka Tiger II

Paint Shoe

Custom Adidas Stan Smith

The Clay

Timrobot X Converse


Customized Gravis Kicks

Chomba Chucks

Custom Nike Air Force 1



Kawaii-u 2


Customized Sneakers by Mentalmapaz

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