The 8 world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptors

Ron Mueck

Evan Penny

Patricia Piccinini

Marc Sijan

Jamie Salmon

Maurizio Cattelan

Carole Feuerman

Adam Beane

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    Yup! I know very well Duane Hanson, he was one of my favorite artist in this field but for this post i choosed to show just works of artists that are still alive. Thanks for the comment!

    You forgot about Duane Hansen

    He created the museum guard in the Nelson Atkins Museum

    Pretty nice post!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.Very nice sculptors!!! In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    Wow this is so unbelievably crazy. Great work, must have taken ages to realise. Big thumbs up :-) But I have to admit that it is also kinda creepy lol, well at least for some.
    Keep up the good work an let us see more in time.

    Amazing! How can people make all these. Can’t believe. I think creativity does not limit it to pen and paper. Its beyond human’s mind :)

    amazing work! i sometimes find it weird how we appreciate artwork that depicts people yet when we me the people the artwork depicts we are less than appreciative?

    The 8 world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptors is a great list of fascinating visuals. Some extremely realistic art and some very imaginative sculptors too. Highly skilled art work.

    You’re great! I still can’t believe what I just saw, I wish I could see these in person..I am 65 yrs old and still in aw..the best of luck to you, I ‘m sure you don’t really need it you have done great up to have great vision…..Rose

    Amazing just excellent ,it’s funny what size will do when we are used to one size and see the object in a very large size.I also use this in my paintings.

    Those pictures of Marc Sijan’s work were taken at the Ann Arbor Art Fair that is held every year~~

    just fyi


    I couldn’t stop staring at the baby ones (Pincchini). So hauntingly real and out of this world. Really wicked. Especially the mammal-like motorcycles and big-eyed baby.

    OMG they looks so real !! Some of them especially look like some people just sitting there. Like that fat dude and the guy with the piercings. Wow. :D

    os pido un deseo: esculpid la mujer ideal más hermosa del mundo, una escultura tal que todo el que la vea no pueda olvidarla ni pensar en ninguna otra mujer sin recordarla

    es una de las cosas mas imprecionantes q e visto en mi vida , ojalas puedan venir a chile , su trabajo es el mejor

    nóssa como é incrível , nunca vi isto em minha vida , eu amei , gostei muito , mais mesmo assim , eu queria conseguir fazer uma estátua dessa , eu nem sei se o nome disso é estátua né mais mesmo assim eu achei que , isso é muito incrível , eu acho que pode isso é uma coisa de loco né mais tudo bem né eu amei de verdade,…
    e você também gostou ?

    this is amazing. I’ve never seen such a thing that is so breathtaking. I’m in love with every sculpture on this page

    where is it at? i wanna go there! speechless!!! just incredible! congratulations to the artists who can make that!!!

    Great sculptures. Many of them are looking much better then a real stuff. The best photo that I could point out is the horse hanging on the wall… I mean horse sculpture, which is made to look like that.

    Wow… great talents! I went back on a few, because I was sure I thought it might be shopped… lol Some of them look like real people, some you can obviously tell they’re sculptures, but still… WOW.

    I like the dog woman and her babies for some reason…lol

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    That is absolutely amazing! I run a 3d printing business and have thought about bringing affordable high tech sculptures to the masses. Not sure of the demand though. Anyways, thanks putting this collection together- very enjoyable!

    They are absolutely amazing……they leave me speechless! I know that some of those artists do not create physically the artworks,do you know who makes them?

    WOW….I absolutely love this….would love to see it on display….it’s something you would marvel at…and out of curiosity I would love to see them made… just boggles the mind….

    Who decided these are the the eight most prominent? Ron Mueck’s work is staggering – I have seen it in Venice and Edinburgh. The others are good but I have seen a lot more work I would include in this selection. The miniature sculptures are, of course excellent, but this is now the average standard found in military modelling with excellent work coming from all over the world but especially Russia, the Ukraine and Korea. Those who are interested would do well to check out a site called Planet Figure. Not all the figures are military by any means. Most are sculpted and painted by amateurs.

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