20 insanely creative ways to repurpose your old denim jeans

Amazing items made of old denim jeans! Bags, toys, containers, bracelets and even a whale… ;)

Passing time on the train: October Jones turns other people into cartoon characters

Now, this is a (really) creative way to spend time on a train. Amazing illustrations!

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    I love the first one especially, it has an authentic steam-punk feel. How could anyone endure the pain, I have no idea. But this is is an excellent tattoo collection.

    Thank you for sharing.


    The artists on these tattoos are really amazing. They should get more credit. Wow.
    The face one…Your whole life, you never get to see yourself any other way. You don’t get to change your mind…
    I feel really bad for him. Not now. Now he loves it. I just keep worrying about later…
    Oh well, his choice.

    Why not credit the artists who did the work, dude? From my bad memory, I can only tell that the Joy Division tattoo was by Thomas Hooper. Thomas actually watermarks all of his images, so it was pretty shitty of you to take that out.

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