A Brief History of Illustration (Final)

This is the final part of the serie A Brief History of Illustration. I know you are thinking “Define brief…”. Everything has an end. Even “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” is over and we are ending this neverending history here.

This period runs between 1990 until our days.

In the 90’s we saw the rising of Internet. And there is nothing else to say. Everything was changed from the roots. The 90’s are the “Web 1.0” time, with its awkward websites and a lot of – cough-disgusting-cough- glitter. In this web, we have an actor with no lines to say: the Consumer. The Consumer isn’t able to modify the web. The Consumer barely can say something in the Mailing Lists (Oh my God, it is so 90’s that it hurts). From the year 2000 it appears a new actor in the Internet, the Prosumer. The prosumer is able to create everything he wants: sound, image, motion and text and mixs them all together. It is the Golden Age for young illustrators. There is no need of large amounts of money, because all you need is a blog or a website (with a little money for the dot com’s address), to show off your artwork. This is the “Web 2.0” time.

Now we are in the Ubiquitous Internet or the Semantic Web.

Ubiquitous is not a magic spell in latin, of course.

Ubiquitous |yo? bikw?t?s|: present, appearing, or found everywhere.

This period saw the Gulf War, The Kosovo Affair and The Irak War. Too many wars in twenty years.

The 90’s were the scenario for the Postmodern Art. The Postmodern style came from sources in the 50’s. Some philosophers seriously believe there isn’t such thing as Postmodernism.

There are some industries of Illustration which have survived through the decades, for example, Disney and DC Comics. They are now merged. Their influence have caused a very well known movies inspired in the comics: Hulk, X-Men, Sin City, Hell Boy, 300, and at last but no least, Green Lantern.

I would like to review some of the newest illustrators. In fact, they are my favorites and they are my contacts at Behance (http://www.behance.net/), a really nice place to find inspiration and good artists. Oh, what a coincidence¡ I am there too.

And how Morrisey used to say: Good night and thank you.

Those are my favorites ones:

Dmitry Ligay



Ruben Scarelli


David Sossella


Powl Goudsmit





Iain Macarthur


Dilka Bear

Alex Andreyev


Constanze Moll


Zach Flaman


Source Box:

Visit the portfolios of those amazing illustrators:

Dmitry Ligay

Ruben Scarelli

David Sossella

Powl Goudsmit


Iain macarthur

Dilka bear

Alex Andreyev

Constanze moll

Zach Flaman

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