anyone know how the Green Belgium mailing design was made?
    currently doing a direct mail research project and any help would be great :)

    What a great idea as we are always looking for a way to be different than our competitors. A bulky package vs a mailer; we are all curious creatures and we are always looking for something free. Rev. Ron Weddings of San Diego

    Excellent creative examples! Direct mail can be very effective when done with such creativity and purpose. It would be awesome to find out the results from these campaigns. Would love to know how they performed.

    These harlem shake vids are crazy… A company in my field just put one out and then it’s like everyone in the field followed. Gotta get on the band wagon :)

    These are absolutely brilliant ideas. People still think that direct mail marketing isn’t fruitful but the fact is that if done properly they are as good as any online marketing methods. I have a friend who works at Troi Mailing Services, a direct mailing service in Toronto and he says that creatively done mail campaigns always brings leads for the clients.

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