Wow cool! I have even seen two of those in person! Like the actually place!

    A funny one that i saw once was when i was in Switzerland, in a city, Bern i think it was. And they had a lot of bears, giant plastic ones decorated as different things. Doctors, business men, another animal, etc…

    But one time i saw one which had a computer in it. And yes it had the BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death….

    They had a spiderman bear, and batman, and superman, a nerd bear! It was great!

    I am bitterly disappointed. I have tried for over two years to get this screen to appear on My iMac or any of the three Mac laptops I have. But not once have I been able to get this BSOD!

    Even worse, everyone I know with other systems can regularly get this display with practically no effort. I feel humiliated that what is so easy for them I cannot do at all. It’s not like I am a noob. I am a retired IBM employees and have worked in the IT industry for decades. What am I doing wrong?

    Dam you V W.

    I read all the comments and was just about to make the self same comment when I found your message at the bottom of the list!!!

    Well said all the same.

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