Some statistics about this blog. Safari is growing fast….

If you are interested, here you have some statistics about this site.
Few charts about browsers and operating systems.

In the last year, about half of you who read this blog, use Firefox. A good percentage also use IE.
But in the last two months (after the release of the new versions of Safari and Chrome) something has changed.
Firefox is always the king but Safari is growing really fast and Chrome is finally over the 3%.



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The same for the operating systems. Windows is the “winner” but MacOs has now the 38% of the total.



The combo brwoser\OS is more interesting. Firefox-Mac for the moment is better than Safari-Mac. Chrome-Win is growing fast as well.



What’s going to happen when Chrome will be released for Mac and Linux?  Which is you platform and you favorite web browser?
Personally i use Safari 4 with the macbook and Chrome\Minefield with the pc.

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I have started using Mac and Safari more often then before.