These are all pretty funny, except for the fact that it is silly to ever show a user a 404 page in the first place. Just have your CMS (e.g. WordPress) redirect to your site/blog home page, or even better yet, if you’re a marketer, to an optin/gift or “special” sales page: “Because we screwed this up, we wanted to let you have this… make you this special offer… etc. etc.”

    Learned this from Rich Schefren, try: http://www.strategicprofits.com/blog/nonesuch

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    Funny! I used to have a picture of my hamster on my keyboard for custom-made 404 pages. That was before I used wordpress! lol

    THANKS for the laugh!

    Francesco, these are fantastic. Talk about taking the digital lemons the Interwebs throw us and making lemonade, ha. I actually did a top-5 of error pages a while ago, I think you got most of them but if you’re curious, here it is:

    Blooper Troopers

    There are a couple not on your (tremendously more extensive) list. Awesome job.

    It’s always a good thing to have an amusing 404 page. Takes the anger out of not finding what you want. Then kinda makes people which that they don find what they want, just to see your 404 page.

    Can I be as bold to show you mine.

    Let me now what you think.

    I’m working on having a rotating 404 page, this way the 404 might might be different every time you you see it. Hopefully that will not be often

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