The top 20 plugins to transform WordPress in a CMS


Fantastic plugin to transform wordpress in a real CMS.
Some cool features are the “edit in place” , the possibility to hide obtrusive options or to widgetize your entire theme and the perfect integration whit the Role Manager plugin (see below).

Role Manager

If you are the only author of your blog you don’t need this plugin but if have some editors you can use this plugin to create new roles with different privileges.

WP-CMS Post Control plugin

It allows you to hide unwanted items like custom fields or trackbacks.


Here you have an ajax interface to drag-and-drop the pages into the order you like.

Cforms II

Just the best plugin to create custom forms.


A subscription management system (general public and registered users) for your blogs.

WP e-Commerce

If you want to sell products this is the best e-commerce shopping cart plugin

Members Only

It allows you to make your site only viewable to visitors that are logged in.


A nice plugin to manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors.

All in One SEO Pack

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Useful to optimize your blog for search engines.

Search Everything

With this plugin you can increase the ability of the default wordpress search.
For example you can search every page, tag, comment or draft.

CMS-Like Admin Menu

If you don’t want the post functionality you can use “CMS-Like Admin Menu” to manage to default to using pages instead of posts.

Simple CMS

Simple CMS removes all of the functionalities which are not needed for a basic website.

Google XML Sitemaps

Create a Google sitemaps white a click.


To execute custom PHP code in posts, pages and text widgets.

Breadcrumb NavXT

This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress blog.

BM Custom Login Plugin

Use this plugin to create a custom wordpress login screen.

Secure Files

This plugin allows you to upload\download files that are stored outside of you root for security purposes.

Maintenance Mode

You can add a splash page to your blog when the website is down for maintenance.

Create a static home page

Ok, this is not a plugin but a powerful option of the newer versions of wordpress.
It give you the ability to create a static homepage whit a normal page (instead of a post).
It is under “Settings -> Reading”.

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    one more nice topic in your blog and nice comments too keep it up, If you advise some more related links to topic. I’m very interested in CMS and all its related subjects.

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    Hi guys,

    I’m very new to WordPress, but am impressed by the plugins. However, slightly off-topic, but I’ve created a CMS that contains a few of these features either as standard, or as a plugin.

    An online demo and a free, downloadable version will be available very soon and can be seen at I’d be interested to know how it compares for anyone who is familiar with wordpress. Thanks.

    I enjoyed reading your interesting yet very informative insights. I just love reading about 10 top anything and everything under the sun. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to reading your newest and most recent blogs on 10 top!!! :) – 10top

    Very interesting post concerning most of the best plugins.
    However have you test yourself all of these pugins?
    For example have you test cformII?
    Seems for me not working fine or do I have parameters problems but:
    – No receiving e-mail user confirmation at all,
    – No successful page displayed after user confirmation,
    – No data backup either in XML or CSV format (empty file recorded)
    If you have some comment on it please let me know.

    My favourite plugin has to be the All in One SEO plugin. Although its since changed hands, its still passes the test of time – I use it on all of my blogs to great effect.

    I love the All in One SEO Pack Plugin as well. When I added that and the XML Sitemap to one of my websites I noticed a huge difference in my search rankings. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for organic search engine traffic.

    Ryan and Jesse

    I would agree with earlier post about all in one SEO pack. A new plugin that I am using is Video Traffic genius ( this is not a plug) I just am finding it great & has already helped my site. What would Seth Godin do would be another good choice.


    The All-in-One-SEO plugin is great, but Platinum SEO offers many more options. My advice to SEO newbies is to start with All-in-One, and then move to Platinum later.

    Very nice theme, you have here – by the way. :)

    I have used All-in-One-SEO in all my WordPress sites. Is platinum SEO free or we need to buy it? I have not heard of platinum SEO. I am interested in it. Hope you would tell me. Thanks!

    Don’t forget Advance Custom Field plugin :), it same with supple , but I think this one better … and maybe Gravity form , but it is premium plugin

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