The 50 coolest logos you’ll see this year

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Thanks to: logosauce, faveup and logopond


    I like a lot of these. There’s a lot of cleverness here. There’s two things that detract from a handful of them – tiny graphical elements that limit the size the logo can be used online (bananas films), and large footprints compared to the logotype (elephruit, merch store).

    When a logo doesn’t fit nicely into a box it’s very difficult to work into layouts – especially webpages.

    I like these and all (and I giggled a little at the aventure host logo) but I can only imagine what would happen when these logos have to be featured in print – color, transparency, and detail would all play a bigger part in their presentation… thus taking away from their beauty. That glass bowl logo – as hot as it is – just wouldn’t be as effective, I hate to say.

    Some real cools ones, man! Good job. Among the varied lot, your list’s a more sensible list one with good/ trendy/ catchy logos…

    Hmm… many of these are indeed very cool. I must say that some of them seem to emphasise transparency effects over strong and thoughtful graphic design though.

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