37 FREE Must-Have Fonts

Again, the title say everything. Here you have 37 FREE must-have fonts.
There are tens of thousands free fonts out there, it’s an hard choice.
Below you’ll find a collection of my favorites… ;)

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    Nice collection of fonts, but it would really save the reader some time to compile a .zip that we can download at the bottom of the page. Unless of course you legally can’t do that or something…

    Just a thought.

    Oh! I forgot to ask, by free, does that include free for commercial use??
    As in, can I use these in my work that I sell to clients?

    Cheers :)

    I would download these free fonts if they were all in one file. As they are, don’t really care to download each separately. :) I thank you kindly for taking the time to compile the list though. In the future maybe you could compile a .zip file for easy consumptions. kTHNX. bye.

    Nice selection. I don’t really care about a zip file, but it would have been nice if the list was divided into “free fonts” and “Free for personal use”. I don’t really feel that fonts that can’t be used commercially should be called free…..
    Oh well, will look trough ’em all and look at the license :)

    @all: Thank you very much for the compliments! :)
    A zip file? Why not, maybe in future.
    Before I have to read carefully every license….

    @Thomas: Nice tip for the next collection. Thx!

    @ms: ? There were at least twenty “super famous” fonts (like Delicious or Fertigo). I think it’s normal to find similar resources (in graphic design blogs), specially if you want to choose a selection of the best resources available for free…
    Ciao :)

    Thanks for featuring 5 of my fonts and all the traffic that generates.

    To all who request for a zip file: my license does *not* allow it. Site traffic is very important for me, so I hope you can respect that. There’s much you get in return. You can even use my fonts commercially.

    @ redbyte and followers

    Man, what a bunch of ingrates. This guy compiles this list of great free fonts, and gets complaints that they’re not zipped into one file? Sheesh.

    People are way too used to getting free stuff from the internet. Complaining the fonts aren’t in a zipped file when this dude has gone to all the trouble of finding them in the first place? That’s low.

    Very nice list though. I loled at the first ones description

    Some really nice fonts, thanks so much for taking the time to hand pick these for us! I imagine this post took quite awhile to put together.

    -I cant believe some of you are complaining about it not being in a zip file, I downloaded nearly all of them in a matter of minutes. Quit being ungrateful and give thanks where its due.



    Why not a zip file?

    Because the developers of these fonts have put time and effort into creating the fonts, and the least we who want to use them can do is pay their site a visit in return for the fonts, hmm?

    Thank you for the great collection – much appreciated.

    Francesco, great great job. I apreciate this post, very much. A lot!.
    If some day you travel to Argentina, look for me. I’ll be waiting for you with a giant BEER!. Lol!

    These are all pretty cool fonts, but I would say that 85-90% of them are directly from Smashing Magazine’s free font postings. Or perhaps it’s just an eerie coincidence…

    Dear Lindsey,

    I just checked the post you mentioned, and there are no more than 7 or 8 fonts that we have in common. One of the positive points about this (both for me and for Smashing Magazine) is that 5 of thse fonts come from the blog of josbuivenga and have made their way to a good 70-80% of the best design blogs out there. They’re great fonts and deserve as much exposure as possible.

    In any case, best of luck on your article, and thanks for taking a look at my blog.

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