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Best in show: James White

Name: James White Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Field: Graphic Design Website: signalnoise.com With 11 years of experience, James has worked on an array of personal art projects and with clients including Toyota, Nike, Google, VH1, A[...]

Best in show: Erika Iris Simmons

Name: Erika Iris Simmons Location: Georgia, USA Field: Self-taught artist who works with non-traditional media Website: iri5.com Erika Iris Simmons (aka iri5) is a great artist who works with non-traditional media (and most of the materials u[...]

Best in show: Pete Harrison

Name: Pete Harrison Location: Paignton, United Kingdom Field: Graphic Design, Typography Website: aeiko Pete Harrison (aeiko) is a UK freelance designer specialized in the art of photo-manipulation. He's also a founder of Desktopography, a we[...]

Best in show: Nico Di Mattia

Name: Nico Di Mattia Year of birth: 1982 Location: Cordoba, Argentina Field: Illustrator Website: nicodimattia.wordpress.com Nico Di Mattia is one of my favorites illustrators. His “digital speed paintings” are very famous on YouTube where N[...]