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Something about me….

  • I’m an italian (Florentine) project manager, teacher, Adobe certified expert, pro-blogger and web designer freelance.
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Multimedial communication and I have been working as a web\graphic designer for almost 11 years.
  • I’m currently one of the official designers of the Italian Ministry of Public Education
  • I currently teach graphic design and web design in various international art schools, including master’s and specialization courses.
  • In the past, I have designed patterns for Guess handbags which have subsequently been distributed throughout the world, and i  worked as project manager for one of the biggest italian publishers.
  • I’m a Worldwide – Keynote Speaker
  • I was interviewed on national newspapers, magazines such as Millionaire, Computer Arts, Campus Web designer Magazine (UK), Advanced Photoshop (UK), Web idea design book vol.2 (US), and others.
  • i’ve been showcased more or less on all the most famous design blogs and even on wordpress.org

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