20 of the most stylish and cool fireplace designs ever

on October 31, 2012

Patinaed Metal Fireplace by CF + D

360º Gas Fireplace By Smith Designs

Mont Blanc Direct Cheminée Fireplace

Gyrofocus Fireplace by Dominique Imbert

Magma Fireplace

Acquefueco Big Flame

Freestanding Fireplace by Paz Arquitectura

Marinemine Fireplace

Blomus VIDRO OUTDOOR Fireplace

Glass Fireplace by Bloch Design

Nu-Flame Vivido Ethanol Bio Fireplace

EcoSmart Igloo Ventless Glass Fireplace

Get Out! WiFi Gas Fireplace

Tree Wall Fireplace

Zeta Designed by John Dimopoulos

Modern Fireplace

Large Apollo Tabletop Fireplace by Carl Mertens

Table Fireplace by MOMA

Slate Tabletop Fireplace

Fireplace by mazzetto-nero