I find that designing the contact page is always a great challenge for a web designer and not because it is particularly difficult to create, but because it is too often overlooked and considered (wrongly) less important than other areas of the site (such as the homepage).
That being said, some new trends have emerged in recent years. One of these is related to the more or less correct use of static or interactive maps such as Google maps.
A great example is luxus.fi. This map (Nokia OVI) is perfectly integrated in the layout, and the map is quickly updated without having to refresh the page when you click on one of the 3 locations.

Vonnda.com also has an interesting approach. This puts the map in the foreground and hides the contact form. This form is then activated when the “let’s get started” button, which is very visible, is clicked.

These are some examples on how Google Maps can elegantly and creatively be integrated.

Of course, nothing prevents us from showing a picture of the office together with the map.

Then there are those who prefer to use a static image. So, if you are creative you can really satisfy your fancies.

Finally… as always, it is important to customize and thus use a marker that recalls the site’s brand

Do you use a map on your contact page? I’m curious to see how…leave me a comment ;)